About Us

Members helping to build a Japanese pagoda for exhibition in London. Event organised by Grizedale Arts www.grizedale.org

We are a CLT

Community Land Trusts are set up and run by ordinary people, to develop and manage homes, as well as other assets. CLTs act as long-term stewards of housing, ensuring that it remains genuinely affordable, based on what people actually earn in their area, not just for now but for every future occupier. H4US CLT Ltd has a Board of Directors, a General Management Group, and 82 members.

The Board of Directors comprises a number of individuals with a broad experience base in local government, engineering, project management, legal services, and environmental management.

Community Involvement

The Brewery Project is based on a scheme put forward by one of our members. Members’ knowledge of renewable energy and biodiversity, permaculture, Alexander Pattern design and Climate Change mitigation fed into the project drafts, as we co-created the finished plan with those who are interested in living there.

Meetings were held in venues and formatted to suit members e.g. friendly to members with limited mobility, child-friendly daytime drop-in sessions with work-shop activities, anonymous idea-gathering and one-to-one discussions.

H4US wishes to extend the concept of community-led project to use as much of the development process as possible to increase participation at all levels of decision-making.

We also aspire to co-create opportunities to increase skill-levels in the town, especially among job-seekers and those whose employment does not provide an income that meets their needs. We are therefore actively seeking funding to enable development of skills in modular homes construction and in heritage shortage areas like stone-masonry, lime-mortar plastering, graduated slate roofing, and fenestration.

To do this we have approached the Power To Change programme, delivered by Groundwork West Cumbria, with success. We are also delivering a community project about the history of the Brewery, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. We are informed that successful delivery of this project shall be taken into account, and should hopefully ensure a successful bid to deliver heritage skills training on the Brewery site.


Like all CLTs, the group is member-led and member-controlled. 

The present Board consists of Founder-Members and valued citizens who’ve volunteered to take on responsibilities.

Many of our members are active, either helping with hands-on jobs like helping with co-creation workshops, or talking through suggestions with Board Members to help us reach sensible decisions together.

We make decisions by consensus. We are open to (and welcome) all who agree to abide by our Values Statement. 

The diagram,right, represents how we carry out H4US Members’ plans, with Members steering the management team, feeding in ideas and taking part at all levels.

How we make it happen:

 In 2022, all members can be involved in creating a Strategic Plan. This is a document that sets out how we intend to go about co-creating some great places to live.

 Members elect a Board to co-ordinate strategic direction, monitor essential operations and delegate actions. Board Members are Amy Boud (chair), Valerie Holden (secretary), Jamie McPhie, Nigel Fisher, Mark Borthwick and Linden Grieve.


Members bring many skills to perform the executive function, implementing the actions delegated by their Board. Specific groups are formed carry out project activities to deliver sites that members would like to see developed, groups are dissolved when the work is done. We are finding that this gives members chances to help a little or a lot, whichever is best for them.


Home Brew Heritage

Help us create an online People’s Museum about Ulverston’s brewing history.

Visit our Homebrew Heritage blog.